There are many companies that play a part in making your dream Ski and Snowboarding holiday come together.

Here are a few personal recommedations to ensure that your holiday runs as smoothly as possible from the very beginning!


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Snowbound Transfer 

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 Courchevel Ski Transfers





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Slide Candy

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The Boot Lab

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Exrtreme Ski Services

extreme ski services

Simply Becky

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Chocolaterie Piste Noire




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There are many options ranging from B & B, Self catering, hotels and luxurious fully catered Chalets. 

Please get in touch and we can recommened something suitable for your requirements.

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3 Vallees

3 Vallees

Here are some facts and behind the scenes information that make sure you will come back to the 3 Valleys time and time again! With over 2,000 snow cannons dotted around the 3 Valleys, artificial snow can be produced using just water and air, guaranteeing you a good quality of snow cover throughout the season. Natural snowfall throughout the season usually covers 85% of the ski area above 1,800m and the 25 accessible summits, including 10 peaks over 2,500m. 70 snow cats work hard throughout each night and early morning to give you a perfect groomed run! There are 28,500 marker poles in the different piste colours (Green, Blue, Red, Black) so that you can feel confident in the direction you choose to explore. The 3 Valleys actually consists of 8 resorts: Courchevel, La Tania, Brides Les Bains, Meribel, St Martin de Belleville, Les Menuires, Val Thorens and Orelle. There is 600km of piste accessible on skis and a board, 328 downhill pistes, 166 ski lifts, and 105km2 of accessible terrain! That is a lot of ground to cover!

Read more: 3 Vallees

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Terms and Condtions

Terms & Conditions

Please read through these terms and conditions and in particular the special cancellation terms relating to COVID-19 before making your booking. By making a booking with Finelines you agree to the terms and conditions listed below. If anything is not clear, please contact us before making a booking.


Adequate travel insurance including cover for wintersports is essential. You are responsible for the purchase of adequate and suitable insurance for your needs and requirements.

You will need to verify and be satisfied that, where appropriate, your insurance includes cover for off piste skiing or snow boarding, lift/piste/resort closure due to weather disruption, travel cancellations/delays, and medical assistance services including search and rescue, helicopter transportation and repatriation costs.

Snowboarding and skiing are physical, challenging and can be hazardous and you undertake these activities at your own risk. We cannot and will not be held responsible for injury, losses or accidents sustained during your lesson. We will choose terrain suitable for your level of skiing and snowboarding.

We also recommend that your travel insurance should cover you for all aspects of your trip including COVID-19 related risks.


For bookings made in advance of your arrival in resort, payment can be accepted by credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. For last minute bookings made in resort only, payment can be accepted by cash or credit/debit card.

Online payments can be made securely using Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club. We will send you a link to our secure payment website in an email when requesting your payment.

Your booking will be confirmed only when we have received your duly completed booking form and a deposit of 10% of the total cost of your lessons.

The remaining balance of the cost of your booking must be paid in full no later than 30 days prior to the date of your first lesson. You will receive an email and invoice from us at this time requesting payment of the amount outstanding.


In all circumstances, if you cancel your booking we will retain any deposit you have paid to us.

If you cancel your booking before 15 days prior to the date of your first lesson and have paid in full, we will refund 50% of the total amount you have paid to us.
If you cancel your booking within 15 days of the date of your first lesson, we will not refund any amounts you have paid to us and any amounts outstanding in relation to your booking that have not been paid to us in accordance with these terms ad condition remain immediately due and payable to us.

In particular, other than in accordance with the special cancellation terms relating to COVID-19 detailed below, no refund can be offered where you, or a member of your group as listed on the booking form, are not able, or do not wish, to start or continue with a lesson.

If you need to cancel your booking for any reason, please advise us at least 48 hours before the date of the first lesson.

Where appropriate, we can provide you with a letter to enable you to submit a claim to your travel insurance provider.

We cannot control the weather and occasionally we suffer disruptions due to high winds or bad weather. No refund can be offered in the case of lift/piste or resort closure as a result of the weather.

The weather can also occasionally adversely impact travel arrangements to and from, and within, the resort. No refund can be offered if you cannot attend your lesson as a result of the weather.

Injury or illness

Other than in accordance with the special cancellation terms relating to COVID-19 detailed below, no refund can be offered where you cancel a lesson or where you, or a member of your group as listed on the booking form, are not able, or do not wish, to start or continue with a lesson as a result of injury or illness.

Force Majeure
In the event of, or as a result of unusual or unforeseeable events beyond our control such as the threat of war, strike, disruption, riot, crime, terrorist activity, an epidemic or in the event of an "Act of God" such as a natural disaster then we shall not be deemed liable and reserve the right to cancel your lessons without refund.

Special cancellation terms-relating to covid-19

We understand flexibility is needed for COVID-19 related cancellations.

In the event that prior to your arrival in resort:

the resort closes and remains closed throughout the dates of your booking with us due to COVID-19 related restrictions, or you cancel the booking because you or a member of your group as listed on the booking form are unable to travel to the resort due to the announcement, imposition or continuance of governmental restrictions on non-essential travel after the date we have confirmed your booking,

We will offer a full refund of all the amounts you have paid to us.

In the event that after your arrival in resort:

the resort closes and remains closed during the dates of your booking with us due to COVID-19 related restrictions,

we will offer a full refund of all the amounts you have paid to us "pro rata" for the lessons not taken as a result of COVID-19 related restrctions.





You are requested to respect the lessons times confirmed at the time of booking. In particular if you arrive late at the agreed meeting point, the lesson will finish at the agreed time (i.e., this will result in a shorter lesson time).

All prices are for instruction only and you are responsible for all other expenses, for example lift passes, adequate insurance, equipment rental etc.

The resort works hard to ensure adequate sanitary measures are in place to keep everyone as safe as possible. We ask that you respect these measures at all times and remember that you must bring a face mask to use on ski lifts as well as in shops, restaurants, restroom facilities, ticket offices and other public spaces. The lessons cannot commence until you and every member of your group has all the necessary equipment (including face masks) to comply with COVID-19 related restrictions/guidelines.

For more information on these COVID-19 sanitary measures see

These terms and conditions and the pricing of lessons are listed for the Winter Season 2021/2022.

Your privacy is important to us and we will not share any information you have given us with any third party without your consent.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss terms and conditions or if there is something you are not completely happy with please contact me

Nick Woodhead

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Great snow days with Finelines!

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